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Photographic biennial

The Fotoclub Poblenou, a photographic association in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​aims to organize a photographic biennial dins d’aquest neighborhood. The proposal consists of a series of photographic exhibitions simultaneous to various indrets of reference in Poblenou: casals, civic centers and altres llocs culturals del barri.

In those moments, he compiled several exhibitors interested in the proposition: Totes les seccions del Fotoclub Poblenou, several professional photographers and also had contacts with various photographic associations in Barcelona, ​​but who participated.

The idea is that this 1st Photographic Biennial a month of May 2021, coincint amb les Festes de Maig del barri.

The Fotoclub Poblenou had a long experience in the organization of photographic exhibitions (organitzem 4 exhibitions noves every any) assenyalant the fet of which hem col·laborat amb the great majority of civic centers and casals of the neighborhood. Cal highlight the public’s success that will be the great exhibition of the September 2018 at Can Felipa.

In that moment, they were directly involved in the Coordination of the Poblenou Entities and the interest manifested by various authors and entities in participating-hi.